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The Great Experiment - NY Times

Anybody can form a perfect Norway, a nation of five million people. But there is no country on earth with our size, our racial diversity, our mix of religions that is close to bringing most of its citizens the rights and comforts of the modern age. The overall view of the column is more positive than I tend to be, but this is a wonderful line and quite true.

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David Brooks - Rules for Craftsmen

The governing craftsman has to be able to know how many votes each side possesses. He has to avoid the narcissistic question: What do I want? He has to ask instead: Given this correlation of forces, what is the landscape offering me? Read the whole thing; this is the essence of governance, nearly all of the time. David Brooks - Rules for Craftsmen

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Paper of record or church bulletin of the left?

This is one of the wonderful things about a mainstream press. It can help promote civil discourse, rational thinking and an improved society (I thought this recent debate led by a New York Times religion writer was a good step in the right direction). When the paper of record becomes a particularly virulent propaganda arm for one side in the culture war, those things don’t happen — and I hope we can agree no matter which side we take on hot-button cultural issues.

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