Summary - Academic, Catholic theologian, Apple geek. @drfluellen on all the socials. Husband to the fantabulous Emily. Fan of cats and coffee. All opinions presented are my own.

Bio - Coming from a Methodist family in upstate New York, I was received into the Roman Catholic church in 1986 as a sophomore at Georgetown University.

The Spirit’s main instruments in my conversion were philosophy and church history, amplified by the Oratorian campus minister. After graduation, I maintained the connection with Jesuit institutions by going to Boston College to study Christian and medieval political theory. That interest led to more theological concerns and so I took up additional work in theology, specializing in systematics and New Testament.

I came to Belmont Abbey College as an assistant professor in the fall of 1999, teaching theology and sometimes political science. In 2005, I received tenure as an associate professor and became chair of the theology department. In May 2015, I was named Vice President for Academic Affairs; due to an admin restructure in 2018, this changed to Vice Provost for Academic Affairs.

Off-campus, I’m often involved in diocesan programs or as a speaker on theological topics. Activities outside the classroom are an essential part of my self-understanding as a theologian, and I try to seek them out whenever possible, because theological study ultimately exists in order to serve the Church’s life and evangelization. There’s a book with my name on it, Receiving the Bible in Faith: Historical and Theological Exegesis, and a more full statement of my professional background is in my Curriculum Vitae (available upon request).

I live in the city of Belmont, with my wife Emily, our dog Lilly, and our cat George. (And still in spirit of happy memory: Loki, Cola, and Lola.) As this site indicates, I love playing with technology which helps me on tech-related college committees. I’m a long-time SF & fantasy fan, formed among other things by Tolkien, Fritz Leiber, and C.S. Lewis. I’ve acted with the Abbey Players theater company at the college; my roles have been Fluellen in Henry V, Perry Stewart in Royal Family, Artemidorus in Julius Caesar, Lucentio in Taming of a Shrew, Archbishop Cranmer in Man for All Seasons, Ross in Macbeth, John Graunt in The Living, and Adam in As You Like It.

"There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things."
- Fluellen, Henry V, 5.1