2016-12-23 For everlasting memory

2015-05-23 New furniture covers, new cat configurations.

2014-11-18 If I see farther, it is because I stand I the shoulders of giants. - Academicat

2014-11-13 Patiently waiting for turn at Cat TV.

2014-09-07 Theology and BBT

2014-09-07 Elixir vitae

2014-09-06 Laptops in the classroom

2014-08-19 In Praise of Coffee

2014-08-16 The Rise of the Helicopter Teacher

2014-08-16 One for the parents dropping children off at college this weekend

2014-07-12 St. Benedict retrospective

2014-07-10 A cat with the right idea. Good night!

2014-07-09 Odysseus and the liberal arts?

2014-07-06 Weekly Reading - Herodotus

2014-07-04 Note for the Fourth of July

2014-06-22 Weekly Reading - Spinoza

2014-06-22 Computers: yes, but...

2014-06-15 799 years ago today

2014-06-14 Insight into Vatican politics

2014-06-08 The general...

2014-06-08 Weekly Reading - Plato

2014-05-31 Weekly Reading - Calvin

2014-05-25 Masons & Catholics, no Monty Python

2014-05-23 Weekly Reading - Aquinas

2014-05-21 Odd Combo: Freemasonry, Monty Python, Catholicism

2014-05-20 How I feel at the end of the academic year (h/t Professor Wagstaff)

2014-05-20 Moleskine over Macbook FTW

2014-05-10 And Jesus said to Simon...

2014-03-23 Pre-movie tea!

2013-08-16 Vocational advice for first-year students

2013-06-15 798 years ago today

2013-05-25 My sunbeams are mine. Yours are negotiable.

2013-05-16 Depth dimension with your beverage

2013-05-10 Cloud, corporations, and trust falls

2013-04-30 Brilliant geostrategic summary

2013-04-29 Power of papal rhetoric

2013-04-23 Universal call to holiness ≠ ministry

2013-04-18 How to commit Vatican journalism

2013-04-02 Beware people who revel in being "prophetic"

2013-04-01 AGW panic ending with a whimper

2013-04-01 Moral Tastebuds and Culture War

2013-03-28 An Ignatian papacy

2013-03-27 Raindrops Keep Falling

2013-03-18 Google loses, Samsung wins

2013-03-15 Evangelicals and Catholics Together, Pope Francis-style

2013-03-13 Pope Francis - Ross Douthat

2013-03-13 Profile of Pope Francis

2013-03-13 Penn Jillette (Penn & Teller) wins theology discussion with Piers Morgan

2013-03-06 Helping Us ‘Turn Around’ - Fr. Schall

2013-03-05 Roster of cardinal electors

2013-03-02 PowerPoint in the Classroom — Kevin Taylor

2013-03-01 Hacking the Papal Election

2013-03-01 Debunking 'conventional' conclave wisdom

2013-02-21 Students to e-textbooks: no thanks

2013-02-19 How to Elect a Pope: A Guide for the Perplexed

2013-02-15 What Popes Are For

2013-02-15 A quick course in Conclave 101 - John Allen

2013-01-31 Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut - NYT

2013-01-26 Big Ben’s Pub = happy Emily

2013-01-13 Two spaces after a period: Why you should never, ever do it. - SlateMagazine

2013-01-06 Technological determinism and the textbook

2013-01-03 Passive Voice, Used Well

2012-12-25 What is this Christmas of which you speak?

2012-12-06 Unclear on the concept

2012-11-09 The Great Experiment - NY Times

2012-10-29 Emily’s birthday flowers

2012-10-16 David Brooks - Rules for Craftsmen

2012-10-12 How the CIA Used a Fake Sci-Fi Flick to Rescue Americans

2012-10-12 Benedict on Vatican II: “I remember I was a young professor oftheology…”

2012-10-08 Reno on contemporary Catholic theology

2012-08-27 Paper of record or church bulletin of the left?

2012-08-26 Sunday comics line of the day

2012-08-18 Nineteen Sixty-four: Spot the difference...

2012-08-17 The church's deep pockets, the butler did it, and myths about atheism - John Allen

2012-08-13 The New York Times’ embarrassing error

2012-07-21 Matt Ridley: When Bad Theories Happen to Good Scientists

2012-07-21 Flying Under the Influence - By @Drunkenpredator

2012-07-18 How Books Learn - Alan Jacobs

2012-07-08 What Is It to be Intellectually Humble? | Big Questions Online

2012-07-08 Valuing Diversity of Ideas

2012-07-03 The Democratic Virtues of John Roberts - Ross Douthat

2012-07-03 6 Ways the iPhone Changed Higher Ed | Inside Higher Ed

2012-07-01 Jonathan Haidt: He Knows Why We Fight -

2012-06-30 Checking Your Facebook Privacy (Again) - ProfHacker

2012-06-30 Homer Now

2012-06-27 Marc Thiessen: Obama’s betrayal of progressive Catholics carries a price

2012-06-26 Political "Science" and Its Forecasting Failures | Rightly Understood |Big Think

2012-06-26 Diary from Vatican II

2012-06-23 David Karpf: UVA Board's Lazy Business Sense

2012-06-22 The New Atlantis » Christianity and the Future of the Book

2012-06-22 Raiders of the Lost Relics

2012-06-22 Measurable Outcomes vs. Higher Education?

2012-06-22 When it comes to religion, everybody’s an expert

2012-06-12 Don’t Know Much about Theology . . . - Weigel

2012-06-12 Zuckerberg didn’t kill privacy

2012-06-10 Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit

2012-06-05 English in the twentieth century - an overview : Oxford English Dictionary

2012-06-05 The Real Equality Problem: No One Actually Wants It

2012-06-04 The Fourth Revolution (New Criterion)

2012-06-04 The Amazon Effect

2012-05-29 Going Paperless on a Mac - ProfHacker

2012-05-29 CARPE DIEM: Today's Grade-Inflated, Lake Wobegon World; Letter Grade of A Now Most Common College Grade

2012-05-26 The First Wired President

2012-05-23 BXVI ad limina talks

2012-05-22 What can you do with a degree in theology?

2012-05-03 A Higher Office

2012-05-02 Confused By the eBook Lawsuit? So Is Everyone else.

2012-05-02 What Distinguishes ‘Evangelical’ from ‘Fundamentalist’?

2012-05-02 NT Studies and the Septuagint

2012-05-01 Forget fancy formatting: Why plain text is best

2012-05-01 The Pleasures and Perils of the Passive

2012-05-01 Downton Abbey is the Edwardian Battlestar Galactica

2012-05-01 Joel Osteen worships himself

2012-04-30 Benedict Cumberbatch Moves From Role to Role

2012-04-30 Social Media's Small, Positive Role in Human Relationships

2012-04-19 The Mighty Scrivener… You might not ever use word for writing again

2012-04-19 The Coming Book Wars: Apple vs. Amazon vs. Google vs. the U.S.

2012-04-17 Microsoft Word: 5 misuses and 7 alternatives

2012-04-17 Notes on Poll-Watching

2012-04-17 Q & A: Ross Douthat on Rooting Out Bad Religion

2012-04-07 How the first Christians understood Jesus' resurrection

2012-04-07 Why Was Jesus Crucified?

2012-03-10 Revision and Reading Aloud

2012-03-01 Abysmal Google+ Numbers: Users Spending 3 Minutes per Month on the Site

2012-01-28 What to Write Down During a Class Lecture

2011-12-26 Sierra and Peanut

2011-12-26 Christmas Tree

2011-11-22 Sixties Language Made Mass Boring

2011-11-20 The Surprisingly Relaxed Lives of Elite Achievers

2011-11-01 a minor friar: Advice to Theology Students

2011-10-11 The Milquetoast Radicals

2011-10-09 Reporters, Baptists, Romney & ‘cults’

2011-08-21 Big Picture at World Youth Day: 'It’s the Evangelicals, stupid!'

2011-08-09 Happy summer evening

2011-07-27 The Coming Cloud Wars

2011-07-09 How to Land Your Kid in Therapy - The Atlantic

2011-06-20 Israelites in the Anglo-Saxon Sea

2011-03-31 Avatar of sleep

2011-03-16 It’s not about the iPad

2011-03-04 Fr. Barron on the Pope's new book

2011-02-28 OH: Joys of teaching

2011-02-15 The Theological Necessity of an Historical Interpretation of the Bible

2011-01-24 Eight reasons to drink coffee

2010-11-06 Research Upends Traditional Thinking on Study Habits

2010-11-05 Pondering Islam and its discontents

2010-10-30 Birthday!

2010-09-27 Faith Abides: The Intelligence of Benedict XVI | Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.

2010-09-09 Hawking and Creation » First Things

2010-09-09 Benedict XVI & the Bible

2010-09-06 Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits

2010-08-29 BXVI & the fragility of reason

2010-08-18 Ayaan Hirsi Ali: How to Win the Clash of Civilizations

2010-06-16 Razing generational bastions

2010-06-15 Benedict XVI on theology

2010-05-27 In Memoriam - on my mother

2010-05-23 Regulators Are Watching Google Over Antitrust Concerns -

2010-05-15 Can't Quit You, Facebook

2010-05-15 Are you an Asker or a Guesser?

2010-05-12 Bad Facebook, no cookie

2010-05-08 Insights on the death of Newsweek

2010-05-06 Political theory of Gilligan's Island

2010-05-01 The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash - Charlie's Diary

2010-04-30 Science vs. Religion: What do scientists say?

"There is occasions and causes why and wherefore in all things."
- Fluellen, Henry V, 5.1