a minor friar: Advice to Theology Students

Equally good for undergraduate majors, graduate students, and those simply interested in theology.

a minor friar: Advice to Theology Students

Reporters, Baptists, Romney & ‘cults’

Just can’t recommend GetReligion enough for anyone who wants to make sense of the ways that theological points appear in the news.
(via Instapaper)

Reporters, Baptists, Romney & ‘cults’

The Coming Cloud Wars

If Silicon Valley were hosting a basketball tournament for consumer money and mindshare in the cloud, right now we’d be looking at a Final Four of Google, Apple (plus Twitter), Microsoft (plus Facebook) and Amazon (especially if they can make a compelling tablet).

The Coming Cloud Wars

How to Land Your Kid in Therapy – The Atlantic

The unfortunate roots and bad results of the helicopter parenting I see so much of at school.

How to Land Your Kid in Therapy – The Atlantic

It’s not about the iPad

“The next time you watch a child use an iPad, think about what your knowledge-based toys looked like when you were their age. The iPad is their slide rule; their typewriter; their Commodore 64. As great as the iPad is, it’s more mind blowing to imagine what will soon deprecate it.”

It’s not about the iPad

Fr. Barron on the Pope’s new book

Fine description of the dynamic between historical-critical and theological interpretation.

(Via Ignatius Insight.)

Fr. Barron on the Pope’s new book

OH: Joys of teaching

Student: So did I miss anything last class?
Teacher: Nope, I awkwardly stared at the class for 50 minutes. But you should stop in next Wednesday, I’m thinking of covering some stuff then.