Finished reading: Britain Against Napoleon by Roger Knight 📚Administrative history, yet interesting!

Finished reading: Self-Made by Tara Isabella Burton 📚

Finished reading: The Mind and the Market by Jerry Z. Muller 📚

Finished reading: Leisure by Josef Pieper 📚

Finished reading: Calvin by Bruce Gordon 📚

Finished reading: Leo Strauss and the Problem of Political Philosophy by Michael P. Zuckert & Catherine Zuckert 📚Really wish I’d had this in grad school.

Finished reading: Jesus and the Eyewitnesses by Richard Bauckham 📚2nd edition, with three added chapters responding to criticism. An important book!

Finished reading: Cities and Thrones and Powers by Stephen R. L. Clark 📚A little out there in some respects, but happy to see something attentive to political aspects of Plotinus.

Finished reading: Choosing Freedom by Karen Stohr 📚Wouldn’t use in a class, but good popular introduction.

Finished reading: Leo Strauss and His Catholic Readers by Geoffrey M. Vaughan 📚Happy to recommend to any/all with an interest in these topics.

Wonderful treatment for Holy Saturday – A Clerk of Oxford: ‘Open wæs þæt eorðærn’: the Harrowing of Hell

It’s possible to get a great deal of reading done in a laundromat.

Very few things as anticlimactic as the afternoon before a multi-day vacation starts.

Finished reading: Index, a History of The by Dennis Duncan 📚More interesting than it sounds!

Finished reading: The Second Founding: How the Civil War and Reconstruction Remade the Constitution by Eric Foner 📚Learned some things.

Finished reading: Augustus by Adrian Goldsworthy 📚 More detail here on the Augustus stage than I’ve read before.

Finished reading: Cicero by Anthony Everitt 📚Worth the time, and more sympathetic than many other portrayals.

Finished reading: Empire by Niall Ferguson 📚

Finished reading: Wyclif’s Dust by David Hugh-Jones 📚

Finished reading: The Anglo-Saxons by Marc Morris 📚

Really good, a nice counterpart to the author’s other volume on the Norman Conquest.

Currently reading: The Anglo-Saxons by Marc Morris 📚

Finished reading: Between Two Worlds by Malcolm Gaskill 📚

👍Fantastic review of the 17th-century period.

Finished reading: Chronicle of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds by Jocelin de Brakelond 📚

Reading for a graduate leadership course in development; it will be interesting to see what the students make of Abbot Samson!

For everlasting memory

New furniture covers, new cat configurations.